1. Booking & Cancellation Policy

To keep it fair for all students and teachers we have a strict booking and cancellation policy in place. Please note that we cannot make any exceptions to this policy.

1.If you need to cancel a studio class please login to your account via the website or the app and cancel your studio class no later than 4 hours before the session. Studio class cancellations within 4 hours will be recorded as a late cancel. If you have trouble with canceling online or via the app, please email us to cancel your class

Workshops: cancellation policy is 48hrs.

2. If you late cancel (cancelling within the 4 hours of the class start time) or fail to attend a booked class you will still be charged for that class in full. Please note that we cannot make any exceptions to this policy.  Details below:

-  For monthly members, there is a fee attached to late cancellations (£1.50). Your account will be suspended at the end of the month and you will need to make the fee payment before activation.

- For members that have purchased any of the class pass or the drop in option: they will lose the class.

- For Intro members there is no charge.

3. You must arrive at least 10 minutes before the class start time or your reserved place may be offered up to a waiting student. The doors will  be locked once the class commences. Late comers will not be admitted. 

4. If you are added to the waitlist and a space opens up, you will automatically be added from the waitlist in to that class. If you have email notifications enabled in your account you will receive an 'added from the waitlist' automatic email notification.

2. Pass extensions

We know sometimes is difficult to use all the passes within the expiration date. We always encourage you to do it! But hey, we do understand that sometimes is not possible!

We have good news for you! There is an exception in our policy, because we want you to be happy.

You are entitle to extend your passes twice per year for a week each time! How does that sound? 

Please email us to make this happen :)

Note: Pregnancy Class passes can be extended theree weeks twice per year. 

3. Monthly membership (pausing your membership & termination of contract)

Let us know if you are going away and we are more than happy to pause your membership. Please note we can only do this once per year.

If you want to cancel your contract, you can always do it after the 3rd month. Please let us know with one month in advance. 

4. Refund Policy

All sales are final. Strictly no refunds.

5. GMAX Trackstars Ltd General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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