Alina began her journey to yoga teaching after studying psychology and the year-long 200-hour Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher training she completed with Yoga London. She has found solace in yoga by learning to live in the present moment and to be humbler and patient-transforming her life forever.

She brings these teachings as well as her background in traditional Ashtanga Yoga with her to her classes. Here she encourages her students, of all levels, to experience a challenging and dynamic class which is also therapeutic and mindful. She focuses on the healing process of a holistic practice which encourages cleansing and toning of the body, mind and senses.

Alina’s personal practice builds upon combining physically strong Yoga self-practice with nurturing and restorative yoga sessions and Reiki meditation, encouraging a broad approach to healing the body and mind.

She believes the greatest tool you can to bring to Yoga is allowing yourself the time your practice needs to mature for the healing process to work.