While at university Tom took up Yoga to complement his main sources of procrastination: being in the ocean or up a mountain when he should have been studying. Yoga popped in and out of life between surf trips and speeding around Europe pandering to the various whims of touring musicians, but it wasn’t until he began work in Forestry that the value of silence and stillness become fully apparent. A few years later, after moving to london, yoga fully took Tom up. Having found a regular practice and immersed himself in the yoga community, Tom took to the road again, this time to India, where he completed his Ashtanga vinyasa training with Abhinam School of Yoga, and went on to teach yoga to surfers in Sri Lanka. Back in London, Tom encourages use of the breath as a gateway to explore and play with the body and mind, using seasonally inspired sequencing to provide a place of stillness from which to witness all they have to offer.