I fell in love with yoga because of its endless ability to continuously feed the body, mind and soul and I love being able to share this with others. I teach mainly Vinyasa yoga, always with a strong aim of enabling others to flow through their asana practice with a detailed focus on the breath, alignment and awareness. I feel it is incredibly important that every class I teach is delivered with a strong sense of kindness and compassion, constantly encouraging self-love and acceptance. Facilitating yoga for those of all ages and experience levels is something that fills me with a great amount of joy.

My background is in dance, studying contemporary dance at one of the UK’s leading conservatoires, and I continue to work as a professional dance artist. Yoga was introduced to me as a supplementary practice for my dance training, however, when life threw up some unexpected challenges, it soon became an integral part of my personal growth and development. After discovering my love for yoga, I travelled to Northern India to train as a yoga teacher and continued to learn, grow and gain invaluable experience studying and teaching throughout India.