Michelle Chan

I have over 9 years experienced in yoga and am passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga which has helped me in many aspects. Holding an office job for over 10 years increasingly stiffens my body leaving me tired and suffering from muscle pains. So I learnt yoga to correct postures and alignment then I feel less tense and it is a great way to destress. I am also a firm believer that yoga is complimentary to any other sports and fitness routines such as badminton, running, swimming and dancing which I also enjoy. I am a fun-loving and enthusiastic teacher who has experience in Hong Kong, Australia and UK. I completed my teachers training with The Yoga People in London where i discovered the depth of traditional Astanga Vinyasa but also the energetic flow of Rocket Yoga. I believe in the all rounded holistic approach of yoga where it begins with the physical exercise then filters through into an inner transformation. My classes are unique and adjusted to suit my students in each class as I have a sensitive approach to understand my student’s needs. I also pride in seeing my students improve and reap the benefits of yoga in their daily lives.