Hannah Crampton

Hannah started practicing Mysore yoga in Buenos Aires in 2011 after years of working as  trapeze and contortion artist. The years of demanding physical work had started to take a toll on her body and introducing a daily yoga practice seemed to bring balance back not only to her body but also to her lifestyle. Soon after discovering Ashtanga yoga she made her first trip to Mysore in the south of India to practice under her teacher Sharath Jois at the Shri K Pattabhi Jois Yoga Institute, the heart of the Ashtanga yoga lineage. Learning from the source is something Hannah is dedicated to, taking annual trips back to Mysore and bringing traditional teaching back to London. During her time in London and Buenos Aires she has been lucky enough to practice under Pablo Pirillo, Brett Porzio and Hamish Hendry who have all played a huge part in her development and style of teaching.