Emily Thompson-Smith

Emily's first encounter with yoga was over 10 years ago as a means to injury rehabilitation when training as a contemporary dancer. Intrigued and wanting to learn more she completed her teacher training 2 years ago at The Power Yoga Company under the instruction of Erin Prichard and now has regular classes at renowned studios across London. Drawing influence from her personal journey through yoga and career as a professional dancer, Emily's vinyasa flow classes encourage grace, balance and freedom within movement. She believes in using dynamic and creative sequencing as a tool to inspire fluidity and openness through the body, whilst also focusing on the fundamentals of breath and alignment for a meditative and mindful practice. By incorporating elements of yin yoga into the practice, she believes in creating a well rounded and strong practice accessible for all students at any level. Also drawing upon yogic philosophy, Emily hopes to help people realise their full potential both on and off the mat!