Christina teaches open level yoga classes, with an emphasis on synchronising breath and movement to find a graceful flow. Classes are choreographically sequenced to a steady pace, which allows students the space to strengthen, lengthen and balance as they find openness and ease in the body and mind. Christina has always had a passion for movement practices. After gaining a degree in Contemporary Dance Choreography, she taught dance-based movement classes for eight years... then spent the following ten, working long hours in the television industry. During this time Christina increasingly turned to yoga for its therapeutic benefits and wanted to share its magic by teaching it. She completed her Vinyasa based teacher training in 2012, and has gone on to take additional trainings including: Triyoga-hot Tapasya training with Kristin Campbell, Yoga Nidra and a training with Max Strom. Always in search of more learning, Christina continues to study yoga at Advanced level with Anna Ashby and Jean Hall.