I'm Céline, yoga teacher and graduate of YogaLondon. I was born in Belgium, and have lived in my adopted city, London since 2013.

I fell in love with yoga several years ago - it brought me back to the feeling of freedom, lightness and flexibility I had as a young ballerina, and I know through personal experience how powerful yoga can be in managing physical challenges like arthritis.

Yoga has remarkable benefits for both the body and the mind. It helps those who practise it to stay healthy by learning how to discover and maintain good physical alignment, how to breathe better and how to move with mindfulness and awareness. These elements together will give you a peaceful and open mind.

I pay close attention to the particular anatomical considerations of each person I work with. I know of the healing and calm that can be reached through regular, conscious practice, and I want to help others to experience the same thing.

The one-hour class is a Vinyasa flow. Adjustments are given during the poses, with explanations of their benefits. The focus is on the physical sensations - learning how to be good to yourself - rather than the shape of the final pose.

The class is for all levels. It starts with a gentle warm-up and centering, followed by some dynamic standing and seated poses. We finish the class with some relaxation.

I also give one-to-one classes, a programme can be adapted to the student's requirements or limitations.

If you are ready, let's put the music on and have some fun!