Date: 24th & 25th of March (Saturday and Sunday)

Time: 3-5pm ( 2 days, 4 hours)

Price: £45

Two day workshop designed for those looking to create consistency and strong foundations in their yoga practice.   Suitable for complete beginners, or experienced practitioners looking to revisit yoga fundamentals. Sessions will cover anatomy basics, key yoga asana, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. Students will leave with an understanding of their own body, and what their body needs in order to practice with mindfulness and with safety. 


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 Soul Stream

Date: Saturday 5th May

Time: 4-6pm

Price: £22 per person

Soul Stream is a two hour workshop that helps you to work through your current and past emotional and life blocks. Rachael of Welford Wellbeing will guide you through a meditative journaling technique which enables you to cut through your own filters and get straight to the subconscious. Enabling many people to have those “ah ha” moments where you have a realisation and know exactly what to do. This will involve getting out of the head and into the heart, before scribbling down everything you want to release and the new things you want to attract into your life.

Lastly, an hour of divine sound bathing. As you lie on your mat and get cosy under a blanket, all that is required of you is to let go and allow the sounds of beautiful instruments including gong and Tibetan signing bowls to wash over and though you, inspiring feelings of deep relaxation and healing vibrations. Sound is a powerful tool that creates internal shifts, helping you to release what is not serving you in your life.

You will leave feeling clear, balanced and relaxed.