Yin Yang Yoga
with Carlene Brogues

Sunday 18th June
3-5pm - £25

Get out of your head and into your body's intelligence in a 2 hour yin yang workshop.  We will explore the gateway to summer in preparation and in celebration of summer solstice. Acknowledging the fire and light within ourselves in this journey of summer the warm weather encourages more social and physical activity but when not in balance can cause burn out.  In Chinese Medicine the organ associated with summer and the Fire element is the Heart.  The emotion is joy and connection, when is it out of balance it can be related sadness, joylessness and depletion/ burn out of energy.  we take our yoga practice to bring balance and harmony to ourselves.

We will begin with fluidity - providing with a fun and explorative 'heart opening' vinyasa yang sequence followed halfway bya juicyyin will invite us to focus more inward, slow down and find joy in the present moment.  In the Yin we hold the poses for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes in passive stretches as yin works as a pathway to provide a deeper accessing deeper layers of fascia to enhance prana or Chi (life force energy) in the meridian channels of the body. Join Carlene as you anchor your focus for energy of summer.  Bring a journal to takes notes as it will be an interactive workshop as well.  The yin will invite us to. slow down and find joy in the present moment

For more information & bookings please contact
carleneyoga@outlook.com or 07949 2108083




Transformational Breath®
with Harika Pekinel


Saturday 10th June
3-5pm - £30

Transformational Breath® is award winning self healing modality which uses in depth breathing technique for optimum physical, mental and spiritual health.
In this two hour workshop , you will learn connected breath technique in a safe , nurturing environment,
which will help reducing the emotional baggage for a more joyful life.
Full breath session is included.
(Transformational Breath® Foundation UK was awarded “Best Complimentary Medicine Organisation” by the ICNM).
The change starts with you.. BREATHE!
For more information

harika@breathinguniverse.com• www.breathinguniverse.com

or M: 07710 287701


Harikais a mother to two newly teenagers, originally fromTurkey and lived here for the last 24 years. After leaving the corporate world, and enjoying her children, she decided to move on with her interest on wellbeing. She has been trained in different countries with some amazing trainers.
“I enjoy running breathing workshops as I see the positive differences it creates on people.
I trust humanbeing, and I believe we can all create the world we would like to be in.
And the power of breath is our greatest tool along the way.
Be love....”